Sunday, May 18, 2008

Priscilla Navidad

The deaf dreamer of Davao was one of the miss teen Philippines winner. Many of the pbb viewers touches their heart when they know Priscilla who is a deaf and fight every struggles to her life.
But lately this week, her image turn into the kontrabida house mate in the group, when she was discover to be an insecure, back fighter and pretentious.

When I saw her here in Davao, I never thought she was a deaf lady, because of her stand out to herself like a social climber who feel that she was the most popular teen here in Davao, that's wht when I say her entering inside PBB, I never like her.

I also saw her mother to a bbq restaurant here in Davao, her mom feels like she was popular... I am ashamed of her

Now, I really pity her, almost all forums and blogs says negative criticism against her, she really not welcome to the outside world.


Anonymous said...

grabeh name plng ng website bastos na... bisaya ka? gahut man gud... :D

Anonymous said...

felice said...

ur so ryt!! i dont personally know her but ahmmm lets just say we have a good connection and i abhre her!!good thing she didn't make it to the tbig four!:D