Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Georgina ejoys ipod

The team has an interview with Georgina Wilson about gadgets and here what she said:

Be an ipod user now and experience it’s variety and durability. My friend would really buy an Ipod touch which I very in today. Most of the students in our school has Ipod 8GB Nano and others are Ipod 4GB Nano .
Last year I have my Ipod 80B Classic which is given by someone to me. I really enjoyed it since you can download as much as you like music, movies, pictures, data and even games. I really like it and it is very helpful when I want to study because I will not bring my laptop anymore instead I will bring this mobile ipod. I also enjoy sharing my pictures to my friends whenever we are bored and we want something to enjoy too.
My ex boyfriend Richard also give me a present like Christmas a ipod Touch 32BG. I love it so cool! One of iPod models most interested by people is iPod Nano, for example, Apple iPod Nano, this iPod has capacity 8 GB with interesting blue color. Its price is about £105 up to £120. It is equipped by screen size at 2”. You can play a lot of music, video, pod casts files etc. well. According to people who use it, its quality and picture is not disappointing, it deserves you to have.

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