Sunday, October 5, 2008

Vina Morales is Pregrant

Yeah! Vina Morales just admit that she is pregant isn't it a good news for her as a woman who is aroufnd 30 but has a good andvery rich boyfriend. If I were Vina Morales I will go for what he have done.
It’s always hard when you get pregnant, and that expanding body of yours just won’t fit in any of your normal clothes. Most maternity clothes look like monstrous mu mu’s that only drape your frame, they do nothing to actually show off that you have a baby in your belly.
The good news is, you dont need to compromise fashion and style by wearing maternity clothing because there are several trendy maternity clothes to choose from nowadays.

Women are accustomed to wearing jeans on a daily basis. When you are pregnant, it does not mean that you can no longer wear jeans and pants. Be sure to check out Paige maternity jeans and Juicy maternity jeans for great options on jeans and pants that are suitable to wear during your pregnancy. It is not advisable to wear your normal jeans during pregnancy because they are usually not design to conform with a pregnant woman belly shape and everyday style jeans may cause discomfort and uneasiness because the fabric materials are not flexible enough to work with your growing belly.

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